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All Process Servers are Not Created Equal

process server2It’s easy to think that if you have a need for a particular service that you only need to open the yellow pages and find a company that specializes in that service. Well, this is not actually a good idea because unlike going to a store and picking off a product from a shelf, there’s really no standardization when it comes to services. This especially true when it comes to very sensitive services like serving legal docs like complaints or summons. If you are suing somebody, you need to go with the right process servers. Unfortunately, all process servers are not created equal. Just because somebody is in the business of serving legal paperwork doesn’t necessarily mean that their company is the company for you. These companies differ quite widely based on the following four criteria:


Make no mistake about it, serving a legal complaint that basically sets a lawsuit in motion takes a lot of creativity because most people don’t want to be sued. Some people can be very evasive while the vast majority of people that you are suing probably would just take the legal paperwork and call their lawyers or their insurance company and take of the process. Some can be quite evasive and very hard to find. This is especially true on people that gets sued a lot in the past and does not want to be sued again. So you have to judge your process servers based on the level of creativity they have in making sure that they take care of business.


Closely related to creativity is your resourcefulness. How resourceful is the process server in getting the right paperwork in the right hands. In many cases, they need to train their servers in such a way so that they don’t take no for an answer. They have to think fast on their feet and have the proper mindset to get the job done right each in every time.


Another key element that separates some process servers from each other is their sense of timing. When somebody is trying to avoid a service process you that they can’t continue to run forever and be evasive under all sets of circumstances and situations. There are certain times that they’re basically weak and vulnerable. It’s all about timing the service in such a way that you can get into that window of opportunity. Not all process servers know and can do this. Not all these service providers have what it takes to take full advantage of specific opportunities when it comes to timing.


Tenacity is probably the cornerstone of effective process serving. Just because somebody is not home when you came to knock doesn’t mean you give up. In many cases, you have to keep at it several times over until you get the job done. High quality process servers know that if they can’t get in through the front, they have to get into the side. If they can’t get into the side, they can try to get under or above and they keep trying again and again until they get the job done. That’s the kind of process server you need to do business with.

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