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Compliance Questions to Ask Your Process Server

A good process server will make sure that your papers are delivered according to law and regulations. However, there are a lot of process servers out there that engage in gutter serves and other illegal activity. If you are ever unsure about your process server and the quality of service, ask them these three questions.

Who Did You Deliver the Papers To?

In most cases, papers need to be served directly to the individual listed on the papers. In some cases, papers can be served and left with another adult or responsible party. It is important that you know who received the papers and whether or not that was a legal representative of the individual.

Did You Verify Identity?

For some cases, process servers must ask for identification to verify identity. However, in many instances this is not legally required. At the same time, your process server should make an attempt to verify the identity of the person they are serving, whether it’s verifying date of birth or some other information.

Do You Have Documentation?

Some types of cases require that the individual signs to receive their papers, but this is not always the case. Even if no signature is legally required, your process server should be able to provide you with documentation showing when and where service was made. This is important documentation to have, especially if the individual claims they never received the papers.

If you have papers that you need served and you are having a hard time finding a process server you can trust, contact us today for more information about how we can help.

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