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Why Are Process Servers Important?

Service of process might seem like a hassle, but private process servers have a very important role to play in the American justice system. You see, everyone in the country, businesses and individuals alike, have a right to due process. Part of that right is to be notified that a court case concerning you has been filed. Private process servers then become an important part of the court system.

Notification of a Hearing

Most court papers that are served are a notification of a hearing. This includes papers for divorces, small claims court, and larger lawsuits. The papers are not a requirement to appear in court, although if the individual does not appear the plaintiff or person who filed usually gets what they are asking for from the courts. This notification is important because individuals and businesses have a right to know when they are involved in a court case.


Sometimes a notification of a court case may also come with a summons. A court summons is a document that tells the individual when and where they must appear for court. Failing to appear for court after being served with a summons is a punishable offense. Court summonses are often important to cases because personal testimony may be necessary to prove a case one way or the other.

Court Hearings

If a party claims that they were not notified appropriately of a court case in which they are involved, a private process server could be the answer to getting your case to move forward. Private process servers play an important role in these hearings so that they can testify and show evidence of service. This saves you in the case that someone claims they were not served.

If you are looking for a professional and trustworthy private process server to help with your court case, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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