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Traits of a Good Process Server

When you need a process server to handle the process for your cases, you want to make sure you’re hiring the absolute best option possible. Improper service can derail your entire case, from causing major delays to complete dismissal.

So what should you look for when searching for a process server? The best process servers will be:


The entire point of process service is serving parties of criminal and civil cases, whether they be defendants, witnesses, or other case stakeholders. A good process server will have a high personal service rate, meaning that they are able to find and serve the majority of their targets in person and on schedule. Only a few of their cases should use alternative services like substitution or publication.


Good process servers should have no issues proving their credibility. Whether it be through certification by the local judicial circuit, appointment by the local Sheriff’s office, appointment by a county or circuit court judge, or formal education, verifying the credibility of the process server is essential to the credibility of your case.


Good process servers should also be able to demonstrate a record of reliability through references from past employers and clients. They should have absolutely no incidents of pulling out of a case at the last minute or flaking on the case entirely. If they can’t produce references, or their references don’t give the same story that they did, move on to someone else.


The best process servers are ethical to a fault. Dishonesty has absolutely no place in the process service industry. Shady practices like wearing disguises, using fake social media profiles, or giving fake names are strictly prohibited, and any process server that uses these tactics should be dismissed immediately.


It should go without saying, that punctuality is a fundamental trait of good process servers. There are strict deadlines to meet once cases have been filed in court, so the process server needs to start service attempts immediately so that any delays can be dealt with before the deadlines arrive.

The Best Process Servers in Pensacola

If you’re ready to work with the best process servers in Pensacola, there’s no need to search any longer. Accurate Serve® has the team, tools, and network necessary to effectively serve process for all types of cases. Call us at (850) 264-2917 or send us your work requests online to get started today!

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