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What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a process that is used to locate a person or entity who has intentionally avoided being located by the individual or entity initiating the search.

Who Can Be Located with a Skip Trace?

Skip traces may help locate legal persons of interest, witnesses, debtors, or anybody else. 

Do I Need a Skip Trace?

If you are a process server and must serve someone who doesn’t wish to be served, you might need a skip trace. People may relocate or change jobs in order to avoid service, making it difficult to locate them. You might also need to serve someone whose basic information you don’t have. A process server can use skip tracing techniques to track and serve people in this situation. 

Skip tracing is essential to a wide range of occupations, including:

  • Legal professionals
  • Private investigators
  • Law enforcement 
  • Bounty hunters 
  • Collections and repossession agents

What Information Does a Skip Trace Find?

Skip tracing individuals often yields more information than basic address and contact information.

Other details that can typically be provided by skip tracers include:

  • Information on owned properties
  • Financial and credit details
  • History of criminal activity
  • Legal and court history
  • Travel records
  • Online presence
  • Driver’s license/vehicle registration and title
  • Credit card applications
  • Loan applications
  • Job applications
  • Phone number databases
  • Utility bills
  • Department store/customer loyalty card
  • Fraud allegations
  • Public tax records
  • Criminal background checks
  • Courthouse records
  • Estate and inheritance records
  • Known associates

How Long Does a Skip Trace Take?

There is no standard amount of time for a skip trace. Easy skip traces may only take a couple of days, while more difficult ones can take weeks.

Skip Traces in Pensacola

If you’re ready to work with the best skip tracers in Pensacola, your search is over. Accurate Serve® has the team, tools, and network necessary to conduct effective skip traces for all purposes. Call us at (850) 264-2917 or send us your work requests online to get started today!

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