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Avoiding Delays in Divorce Proceedings

Going through a divorce can be a very trying time in your life. In addition to dealing with the emotional pain as well as the pain and confusion of any children you may have, you also have to deal with the court system to get your divorce finalized. There are a lot of obstacles that can come up that can delay your divorce proceedings.

Not Knowing the Location of Your Spouse

If you do not know the location of your spouse since the breakup, you may find that you have difficulty getting divorced. In any divorce proceeding in any state, you must provide notice to your spouse that you have filed for divorce before it can be granted. Your spouse has to have the opportunity to respond to the divorce petition.

If your spouse has moved, changed jobs, or is otherwise missing from your life, you may have difficulty serving them notice of the divorce. While there are some provisions for this circumstance, such as service by publication, these options are usually not granted by the courts until all other options for service are exhausted. If you hire a good process server, they can often locate your spouse and get the papers delivered using a variety of means to track them down.

Improper Service

There are rules and regulations that focus on the proper service of divorce papers. In Florida, divorce papers must be served directly to the individual listed on the papers as the respondent. The papers cannot be left with anyone else. Identity of the individual must be confirmed, and the papers must be signed. If you don’t hire a good private process server, you could wind up with delays in your divorce proceedings due to improper service. To avoid this, use an experienced and knowledgeable process server.

If you are filing for divorce in Pensacola, contact us today to get started with serving your divorce papers to your spouse. Our process servers are persistent and knowledgeable to get your papers served accurately and quickly.

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