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Why Process Server are Essential to the Legal Process

If you’ve ever heard of process serving before, you may be wondering why the state of Florida has such strict requirements on who can be a process server, what they can do, and how they must approach finding targets. Not only do they have strict rules to protect both the process server and the person being served, but it is also ingrained in our national culture that people must be given ample opportunity to prepare for court, which means they must also be notified promptly of upcoming court dates.

Process servers are essential to the legal system because:

They Help Uphold Your Constitutional Rights

Process servers are not just there to make life hard for you, they are actually protecting your constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights guarantees due process for Americans, and process servers provide just that with timely notification of upcoming court dates. This gives everyone time to prepare for the court battle and bring their best argument forward.

They Make Sure You Are Properly Notified

As stated above, a process server’s main job is to deliver notifications of upcoming court dates to all parties involved. Without process servers, we would be relying on people just calling in on their own accord to find out if they have court coming up. Obviously, few people would do that, leaving many people in a bad situation when their court dates arrive and they’re not present at the hearing. Everyone involved in a legal case needs proper notification of the date and time when they are expected to appear in court. Process servers ensure that everyone has the information they need well in advance of their required court appearance.

Proper notice isn’t just about giving the defense time to prepare. Witnesses and subject matter experts that are subpoenaed for the case will need time to prepare as well. Witnesses often practice answering questions about the case while experts might want to gather data or review their prior work before testifying. When your case hinges on the testimony of these people, you want them to feel well-prepared and ready to give their best.

They Keep Court Schedules Flowing Smoothly

Without process servers, courts would be full of defendants pleading for a new court date because they didn’t know about one they missed. Process servers eliminate these excuses and keep court schedules on track. 

They Help Defendants Avoid Default Judgments 

A defendant who didn’t want to deal with the issue behind their upcoming court case might think that putting it off is the best solution, but this actually increases the risk of the judge issuing a default judgment for the plaintiff. A default judgment basically gives the plaintiff what they’ve asked for without the defendant even getting to speak. This is obviously not a great outcome for the defendant. Process servers prevent default judgments by ensuring the defendant had the chance to show up and speak on their own behalf. 

Professional Process Servers in Pensacola

Process servers in Pensacola must be verified and approved by the local judicial circuit to serve process here, meaning they must demonstrate strong knowledge of all the laws related to process serving in Florida. Trust our skilled team of servers to handle all your friends’ cases with professionalism and integrity. Contact Accurate Serve of Pensacola to get started today!

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